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        X100 NVMe? SSD

        The X100 NVMe™ SSD is Micron’s first product in a new family of high-performance memory solutions based on 3D XPoint™ Technology. With a combination of industry-leading high bandwidth, low latency, high quality of service (QoS) and high endurance, the Micron X100 SSD provides game-changing performance for big data applications and transactional workloads.



        High-Performance Local Storage

        High performance storage delivers large amounts of data to applications in real time

        • Up to 2.5M IOPs
        • More than 3X faster than competitive SSD offerings

        Industry’s Highest Bandwidth

        Maximum performance throughput that accelerates insights from expanding data sets

        • More than 9GB/s read and write bandwidth
        • More than 3X faster than today’s SSD offerings

        Ultra-Low Latency

        Low latency dramatically increases the speed of data transactions and decreases frequency of downtime

        • Consistent R/W latency of ≤ 8µs
        • > 11X better than NAND SSDs